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The happiness of one person can change the world of many.


"Rewarding and enjoyable"

Testimonial  by Kevin Trusty

Working with Denise and Rebekah on my book was a rewarding and enjoyable experience.


Despite my collection having several styles and genres (and me having a million questions), it was apparent from the start that Denise would be a valued collaborator, not just an editor, which is an approach I was hoping for.


Her keen-eyed process for revising was smooth and engaging. It was really fun seeing my stories evolve and improve in each round with the insight and guidance she provided.


Denise and Rebekah were both extremely helpful with everything from concept to publishing, and I'm looking forward to working with them again on the next book! 

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"An incredible experience"


Testimonial  by Freddy Gutierrez 


Working with Denise was an incredible experience. She was professional, timely, and extremely helpful. She provided 3 rounds of editing for my manuscript and after each one, she helped the story flow out of me with such ease.


In addition to editing, she assisted with the process of formatting and self publishing through KDP.


I am grateful for her help and dedication. I would definitely work with her again.

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"An amazing listener"


Testimonial  by Michelle Monroe 

It was truly a pleasure to work with Denise as the editor of my first book. My initial draft needed quite a bit of review. 


Denise combed through every inch of my work with meticulous precision, detailed critiques, useful suggestions, and most importantly, professional care.


She understood what message I was trying to convey and supported my thinking process with greater direction and more purposeful questions than I ever realized that I needed." 


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"A great editor and writer" 

Testimonial by Robert Hafey


Looking for someone to edit your written work?  Look no further.  I chose Denise to edit my book for good reason.  She is a professional writer and a prolific author.  


Her day job, writing for a local newspaper, along with her passion for crafting a wide range of books including novels, children’s books and a historical cookbook means her depth of experience allows her to add value to any writing project.  

Through the editing process Denise challenged me to become a better writer by asking the right questions, rather than providing the answers.  She challenged me to think, and then re-write.  I can honestly say she helped me grow as a writer and a person.  


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"She has taught me much about writing" 

Testimonial by Tom Hernandez


Denise Baran-Unland creates fictional worlds -- entire universes, from the grass under her characters' feet to the stars above their heads -- as easily as the rest of us whip up dinner. Which is not to deny in any way the immense chef-like skill found in all her writing, but rather, to highlight with some obvious envy, her amazing ability to make it all seem so routine. So natural. So simple. 


While many struggle to bang out even one sentence strong enough to hold up against a wisp of scrutiny, Baran-Unland crafts entire stories built on foundations of talent and creativity rarely seen, much less known by most of us who dare, with a mixture of understated ignorance and overstated confidence to call ourselves writers. And she does it over, and over, and over. 


Ideas seemingly from nowhere suddenly become as real as the walls on a beautiful house. Cemented with the integrity of historical fact, layers of complexity and subtlety making each brick that much stronger, more interesting, more beautiful. Until the reader gladly enters a new home filled with delicious smells and sights and sounds. And when he looks around for the source of this magic, he sees Denise standing there, smiling. And he can't help but smile too.  


Denise has served as something of a mentor, coaching me through the many challenges of writing fiction -- creating voice and place, story structure, pacing, building tension, etc. Sometimes I hear her lessons in my head so much that it feels like my own writing is as much hers as it is mine. And I am glad for it.

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