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We believe in your dream. Here’s how we can help.

Cover design: We will work with the art you supply to create a custom book cover. In some cases, a cover can be designed from scratch.


Editing: We can help you address content and structure, plot, pacing, dialogue, characterization, inconsistencies, wordiness, underwriting, and overwriting. We can also help you correct word choices, spelling, punctuation, and grammar.


Formatting for print books: We can help you prepare a manuscript for a print book. We can help customize font type and size, line spacing, page numbers, paragraph breaks, page numbers, and word count.


Formatting for eBooks: We can prepare a manuscript to read well on Kindle. 


Manuscript assessment: We can provide a wide critique of the manuscript's strengths and weaknesses, along with overall suggestions for improvement.


Memoirs: We can help you create a lasting legacy for a loved one with a print book of his or her life.


Self-publishing guidance: We can guide you through the process of using free resources to publish a print and eBook. This process includes purchasing an ISBN for the book and registering it through the U.S. Copyright Office.

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